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MISSION:  To provide outdoor photography adventures to military veterans and their families.  Participants capture moments that inspire them and share their images and unique stories through digital and print mediums. 


What Journey and why is it important?  

This Journey may take on different forms for different Veterans but ultimately is the Journey to finding the way back to "self.”  Examples include;


  • Processing the experience of War by reconciling who you were as a person before you left with who you are as a returning veteran

  • Processing the transition from Service Member back to Civilian

  • Processing the loss or injury of a team member while you returned home


Service members often feel isolated while going through these transitions.  It can be extremely difficult to discuss these moments and the effects they have had with friends, family and loved ones.


The beauty of photography is that no words are required.


Short Term

  • Create a Community

  • Teach Towards Resilience


Mid Term

  • Build Confidence and Capacity

  • Collect and Capture Stories


Long Term

  • Give Veterans a Voice

  • Give Back to the Community


Outdoor Photowalks

Death Valley, CA 11 January 2020

San Antonio, TX April 2020

TBD, ME, August 2020


2020 Rebelle Rally

8-17 October 2020

Applications 1 March 2020

 Adaptive Overlanding

 Flagstaff, AZ 14 May 2020


Help us build an amazing outdoor photography adventure  next year for the men and women who have served .

Financial help goes a long way but we also need volunteers



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