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​Creativity is the antithesis of destruction and gives voice to the moments in life that inspire us, horrify us, delight us and disgust us. The Journey is in processing these moments, coming to terms with them and understanding that they do not define who we are as human beings.


  What may define us are the stories and life lessons we choose to share along the way. It can be extremely difficult to discuss these moments and their effects with friends, family and loved ones. 


The beauty of photography is that no words are required.

​​​​Who are we?

     We are combat veterans who served in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. We are veterans who never saw War. We are the spouses of military members who have deployed. We are the mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts and uncles of those who have served. We are professional and amateur Photographers, off-road enthusiasts, and outdoor lovers.

We are all here to give back.